Human in action

To manage escaping the golden cage of a self-centered ignorance, means:

To have a job and still be worried about my unemployed neighbor.
Be able to stand on my own two feet and being outraged because wheelchairs don’t have access everywhere around the town.
Be educated and demand access to education for all kids growing up in the less privileged parts of this world.
Be rich and helping a poor.
Be poor and share with one even poorer.
Living in a small, dull flat and still not be able to sleep at nights knowing that some people elsewhere walk tens of kilometres in order to have a bucket of drinkable water.
Be a christian and supporting muslims to express their religious feeling freely.
Be a native and welcome refugees.
Be free and fight for the living conditions in prisons.
Be a man and a passionate feminist.
Be straight and struggling for gay people’s right to be able to live fulfilled lives.
Be white and protest on the streets alongside blacks.
Be the victim and require a fair trial for the perpetrator.

Acknowledging the privileges I’ve been born with – simply accidentally – and wondering every day how to make up for the injustice in the cost of those who happened to be born with less chances requires something more than a mere expression of solidarity.

Because fighting for my own rights is the best i can do for my self and the group i belong to, but fighting for others’ rights is the most magnificent act humans can do for each other.

Image: Passable horizon 10
Image: Passable horizon 10

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