Stein/Baraka: because America desperately needs a revolution

Infochaosblog endorses Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for the presidency of the US. And it does it with a conscious-driven decisiveness, a lust for fairness and thirst for equality. But first and foremost, because it considers this to be the rational choice.

Because, no matter what one might hear from the corporate media:

  • there isn’t such thing as a wasted vote! Seriously? Opposing the two-party system, deliberately promoted by both the republicans and democrats in order to displace competition, you think that would be a wasted vote? I’m sorry, but it’s called democracy! And you know how a one party system is called? It’s called dictatorship. So this distorted Republicans or Democrats scheme, is just one party away before we have a dictatorship.
  • voting for Hilary just to prevent her racist, bigot, sexist, bully, unprecedentedly ignorant opponent getting any closer to the oval office would make sense only if there weren’t any other candidates. But, thankfully, there are.
  • there is a solution beyond the Clinton-Trump dilemma, and it’s a wonderful solution. A person who stands for everything we believe in.
  • tuition-free education, health care access for everyone, restriction of guns for dangerously crazy people, respect for the environment and transition to clean energy, regulation for Wall Street wolves and excessive power-hungry corporations, are not just utopias. They can happen. Because it’s given realities in many countries of this world, where people ARE doing better. If they can make it, US can make it too!
  • the word revolution is not an equivalent for non realistic. It’s not a question of money or the lack of it, or a failed idealistic approach, but a matter of will. If there is a willingness to acknowledge that things aren’t working anymore, it’s the right time to act, pursue certain goals, do the respective changes; change the way we think, produce, consume, relate to nature and our communities, treat each other.

We don’t expect Dr. Jill Stein to transform the surface of this land and its society in a couple of years. We do expect though, that candidates have a plan for the people, and consume their campaign time constructively engaging to policy suggestions and problem solving , rather than to reality-tv-style humiliating warfares. And Stein’s campaign succeeded in fulfilling these expectations.

And last but not least, we do expect that candidates share their vision with the voters, a vision as progressive and as brave as the one Jill Stein tried to communicate to the electorate during this campaign, despite the disproportionately more powerful corporate media shutting her out of the air time arena. Because every progress ever made – usually driven by a minority – it first started with a vision, which in turn has been followed by a revolution. Like the one America desperately needs right now.

Here are some of Jill Stein’s positions on issues like:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • & Dakota Access Pipeline

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